Joel Cogger

Engage + inspire 400 employees?

Can do.



Brand Week


Nissan Australia


Creative Direction

Graphic Design

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Brand Identity

Video + Motion

To empower and educate over 400 Nissan staff, my team and I created a 5-day Brand Week experience held at Nissan HQ. 

Balancing keynotes with kicking the footy, training sessions with treasure hunts, and group workshops with games, we designed a choose-your-own-adventure for staff to explore Nissan’s DNA, values and new brand proposition — ‘Can Do’. 

We created the pre-comms campaign and teasers, building anticipation until a Monday morning in May, when 400 employees arrived at work to find their spaces totally transformed. We launched the festival with a stunning keynote, and then inspired the team with a brand film.

I created an ‘energy loop’, which formed the core of the Brand Week identity. Based on Nissan’s revolutionary ‘back-to-grid’ EV concept, it also reflects the way that Nissan empowers the people who power its brand.

We gave each staff member a festival passport, mapping their journey around HQ, along with a program of empowering sessions to attend — and a scavenger hunt of experiences to track down.

Conference rooms became audio quiz shows. Boardrooms were turned into galleries of famous (and infamous) brands. Common areas became interactive exhibitions of Nissan DNA. And over 400 people absorbed the ‘Can Do’ philosophy at every touchpoint.

Taking the visual language further, we created icons for Nissan’s new brand personalities and values, along with textures that would work as large-scale prints and wall graphics.

Nissan Brand Week was playful and engaging — instead of mandatory training workshops, staff connected with the new platform by doing, and exploring a festival of sense experiences.

Most importantly, each team member ended the week knowing what they ‘Can Do’ to achieve Nissan’s bold new mission.

This experience was created with the incredible team at Neonormal