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Infiniti’s mission is to empower humans through innovative technology, challenge expectations and break conventions. So to launch the new Infiniti Q30, partnering with the rustic, regional Mornington Peninsula Picnic seemed like an unusual pairing.

Luckily, Adam D’Sylva — Infiniti ambassador and head chef of Coda and Tonka — knows a thing or two about bold combinations.

We deftly wove the brand’s position into the sponsorship, using Adam’s ambassadorship to connect with a target audience of progressive, adventurous individualists on their home turf — a gourmet food, wine and music festival.

To create the campaign, we drew on Infiniti’s own brand manifesto — being bold, pushing boundaries, and creating surprising connections — and designed the ‘Infiniti Table’ experience.

Hundreds of Peninsula Picnickers were inspired by Adam’s Masterclass, and our VIP guests and competition winners were treated to a three-course meal of unusual pairings at our bespoke Infiniti Table. Curry pasta, anyone?

Our pre-event campaign built anticipation for the Infiniti Masterclass. Guests interacted with our ‘Q Cards’ on social channels and booked their exclusive seats at the Table. 

We designed everything from the menus and table settings to the clever graphical inlays that connected our diners — helping them discover surprising things about each other in the process.

As guests sat down at the Infiniti Table they were complete strangers. When they got up, they were connected by this beautifully curated, shared experience — walking away inspired to break conventions and take bold risks. Plus, we captured 130% of our lead target — a win/win/win.