Joel Cogger

Writing Australians into

Bentley’s extraordinary story



Bentley Roadshow




Creative Direction

Graphic Design

Copy + Content

The brief began as a simple promotional offer — 0% Finance on a brand new BentleyBut in working with the client, we discovered there was a lot of groundwork to do first in introducing the iconic luxury car brand to unfamiliar audiences across Australia. 

As we explored Bentley’s history, we uncovered a treasure trove of larger-than-life stories — tales of crazy characters, ridiculous competitions, incredible style and a few brilliant cocktail recipes. We knew these legendary stories needed to be told in larger-than-life ‘Extraordinary Storybooks.’

We chose 21 of the wildest tales (there are 21 feathers in the Bentley mark) and brought them to life in a pop-up roadshow gallery which invited aspiring audiences to enter the story themselves, and dare to ‘Be Extraordinary.’

I designed these giant storybooks — writing and editing the content, as well as the imagery and layouts for each story — engineering them to be stylish, tactile, interactive and mobile.

The roadshow activated in key metro areas across Melbourne, before travelling across Australia as the ‘Be Extraordinary’ Tour.

We brought the unattainable within reach — asking audiences to step inside the world of Bentley, and imagine themselves as part of this extraordinary story — promoting the offer and building brand love along the way. 

High quality leads flowed through to dealers, and Bentley loved the experience so much that they toured it overseas across Asia (but not so much that they gifted us a car).