Joel Cogger

A brand new lease on life 

for a camping program





Life Camps Australia


Creative Direction

Graphic Design

Copy + Content

Brand Voice

The Camping Program has been connecting kids with family-run camps for over 20 years., but their brand no longer connected with who they’ve become and what they offer. With a busload of name-changes, nicknames and acronyms in their past, it was time for a bold new identity.

In 2020, they became Life Camps Australia, and engaged me to create an identity that would reflect their new values — family oriented, faith-centred and welcoming to people everywhere.

First order of business was to make it active. The camps are full of exciting adventure, so we needed to give the brand movement. I designed a mark that honoured their history as a church-based program, with the cross at the centre. Then I used the L, C and A initials as arrows — representing the inclusive way that campers from all walks of life can come together as community around these core values.  

With a dynamic logo and a fresh new identity toolkit, Life Camps was ready to relaunch their brand for a new decade, reinvigorating the camping program for kids and families for years to come.