Joel Cogger

Keeping clients at the centre in

the Ringwood Oncology rebrand





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When the leadership of Eastern Suburbs Haemotology / Oncology changed hands, it was also time to simplify their name and update the clinic’s brand — while still holding onto their clients and the core elements of who they are.

The medical team at Ringwood Oncology approach everything in their practice holistically, bringing a sense of calm, clarity and practical support to what can be an extremely challenging time in their patients’ lives. They asked me to create a brand that radiates calm and common-sense — avoiding the common pitfall of medical practices that come across as too clinical.

My idea was to shape the initials of the new name to form a rounded, friendly ‘support frame’. This visual device literally keeps the clients ‘in the loop’ at the clinic, centring their needs, and communicating that they’re held securely in very good hands.

The brand I created is simple and open — radiating a friendly, professional approach backed by empathy, expertise and reason.

I created a series of patterns to use as textures to support the brand. Starting with microscopic views of aggressive cancer cells, I abstracted them into something more peaceful — background elements with a technical feel, to create moments of ‘zen’.

As Ringwood Oncology rolled out the rebrand, the practice next door quickly asked for a matching identity, too.

For Ringwood Haematology, I created a complementary palette based on the colour of blood inside the body (deoxygenated) and outside (oxygenated), to create small visual cues for their practice.

The result is a simple, reassuring brand presence that allows the clinic to evolve as its new owners expand the practice — while keeping patients’ trust, and placing clients at the centre.