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Creative Direction

Graphic Design

Danielle Atewell-Lim took a pause during 2020 to assess the needs of her art students. Her online classes were taking off during lockdowns, but she wanted to create a bit of practical, tangible magic for all her remote artists-in-training.

So she launched Trinkit — an arts and crafts subscription that can be unboxed at home, so artists can follow along in online tutorials and workshops. Her vision was to reach more than just kids and students — Trinkit would connect friends as they learned new creative skills together, and bond families around the craft table. 

I wanted to capture the magic that happens when we craft things together, so I built the brand around a central love of art. Using intersecting geometric hearts, the parts come together to create a ‘trinket’ in the centre — something valuable that will be treasured.

The overall impression is a gift box opening up, sparking creativity and imagination.

Danielle is every bit as detail-obsessed as I am. We worked collaboratively to create a mark that was simple, clever and fun — something that would communicate all the parts that make up the whole. We wanted it to feel playful and magical, and be flexible enough to grow as the business unfolds.

The interlocking hearts created so many pattern possibilities…

The result is a fresh, versatile identity for Trinkit that appeals to a wide audience and brings a bit of magic to the art world.